Global Leaders Converge at 2024 Inclusive Alliance Conference to Champion Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

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New Delhi, 15th Feb: The 2024 International Inclusion Alliance Conference showcased dynamic panel discussions and vibrant idea exchanges centered around the theme of inclusivity across diverse groups and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) initiatives. The inaugural panel session featured distinguished guests and influential figures from the corporate realm delving into the topic of “Advancing Inclusion in STEM.” Facilitated by Deepali Naair (CMO, CK Birla Group), the panel boasted luminaries included Manish Srivastava (Country Head- McDermott India), Narinder Anand (Founder & MD, Value Line), Bhawna Verma (Manager, L&D), Neha Aggarwal (Corporate HR&DEI, Hitachi), and Stuti Bhageria (SVP, Filatex India Ltd).

The discussion illuminated the hurdles surrounding the integration of women into the industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as their representation in leadership positions. Panelists offered insights backed by data from their respective organizations, emphasizing strategies for recruitment and retention. Stuti Bhageria underscored the challenge of attracting women to manufacturing roles, noting their proficiency in quality control. Aggarwal stressed the significance of “unconscious bias training” to foster a recruitment process devoid of preconceptions. Manish Srivastava advocated for a “gender-agnostic” approach to hiring.

Concluding remarks echoed the imperative of elevating women into leadership roles, amplifying female voices, cultivating diverse role models, and ensuring their psychological well-being. The panel thus underscored the necessity for concerted efforts to empower and include women across industrial domains and organizational hierarchies.




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