Government should declare drought in states facing water crisis, so relief help should reach them: AIKSCC

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New Delhi, (22/6/2019): Today, Swaraj India founder Yogendra Yadav along with the members of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee conducted a press conference in New Delhi regarding the increasing shortage of water in rural areas of several states across the nation. The situation in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh are worsening on a daily basis and the scarcity of water is ever increasing.

Briefing at the conference Yogendra Yadav said, “IMD data of this morning shows that there is a shortage of 40% rainfall in the country, and several states are going through a Drought situation. In this June rainfall in India is the least ever recorded since recording invented. IMD data also suggest that 85% of area of India is facing a water deficit or Large water deficit”.

“But the government is not declaring drought in those regions, and depends on rainfall to happen. The government relying on its reservoirs are also facing a shortage of water according to the IMD. The report says that due to last year’s less rainfall the reservoirs are in deficit of 83% in Andhra Pradesh, 71% in Maharashtra, 43% in Tamil Nadu and 38% in Kerala, which is below average. The farmers are facing this crisis more than the city people”.

All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee demands from the government that is should declare the drought in these states so that relief work should start and farmers get some support in these crisis. We demand that the govt should,

“Declare drought

Give Special package to farmers.

Revise crop loss compensation to ensure farmers should get the money they lost.

PMbFasal Beema Yojana should be overlooked by the District administration so it should ensure that the payment from the private banks reaches the farmers.

RBI guidelines suggest in drought situation fresh loans should be given and past loans should be cancelled, implementation of this guideline is required.

MNREGA should be used pro actively to combat drought situation, and government should give 150 days of employement instead of 100 in the scheme.

Zero tolerance of diversion of water for industrial and commercial purpose instead of drinking water”.

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