Greater Noida west’s 130 Meter Road to become free of potholes 

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Saurabh Kumar

Since a long time 130 meter wide road that connects Noida & Ghaziabad to Greater Noida was in dire need for maintenance because of the very pathetic state that it has turned into.

However now Greater Noida Authority has taken note of the complaint and sooner maintenance work will start. This road receives a heavy rush of traffic primarily during office hours and concerning which authority has planned to reconstruct the road.In the first phase, a stretch of four km from sector Ecotech 12 to Hindon Bridge in Greater Noida West region will be covered. Two layers of BDM and one layer BC will be made.


The road was broken since last three years making the ride over the stretch very uncomfortable and bumpy. Now, after conducting traffic survey from the Central Road Research Institute, the Authority has decided to construct a water harvesting system by constructing a wall along the Central Verge. This will sustain the leakage of rain water towards road. The road keeps getting broken due to the accumulation of water in the central section of the road. This 30 km long road from Greater Noida West to village Sirsa was built almost eight years ago and few years back the road started to have potholes. Since then road was repaired twice, but as usual after some interval it kept on rupturing.


So the authority has  decided to examine the reasons for road breakdown from Central Road Research Institute. It was found in the investigation that due to lack of proper discharge for rain water, the central area of the road gets filled with rain water causing road damage rapidly.  The problem of water accumulation will be sorted through water harvesting system by making road side walls so that rain water may not get deposited on the road. For maintenance of the road, a budget of Rs 23.15 crore has been allocated in the first phase by which a stretch of four km will be repaired. The construction of the road will be started soon and will be completed within one year.

This reconstruction will facilitate a smoother movement in sector 2, 3, 4, 16b, c, 12 and 13. The construction of the road will be started soon. After completing the first phase, ten kilometer of road will be constructed in the next phase.

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