How to identify good quality furniture?

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Along with the skyrocketing costs of necessary items, the costs of furniture also have been shooting up. Undeniably, furniture is a vital element in any space, be it a house, an office or anywhere else. No place can do without furniture. It is most definitely considered an investment. 

Thus, be it whether renting or buying, it is important to check the quality of the furniture. In recent times, the renting industry has taken off quite well. You can find many companies where you can get many kinds of furniture, for example: lounge chair for rent. It does not necessarily take an expert to spot good quality furniture; all you need is some research. Here are a few tips, tricks and warnings on how to identify good quality furniture for your space: 

  1. The most basic and easiest way to spot good quality furniture when buying anything would be to check what kind of wood it is made from. Solid wood or plywood indicates high quality of raw materials, usually up to 8 layers, and thus is of good quality. 
  2. Any furniture that is constructed out of fiberboard, pressboard, thin plywood (less than 8 layers) or particleboard could be classified as poor-quality furniture. 
  3. If you notice any of the joints of the furniture to be either stapled, nailed or have visible glue, it is a strong indication that it is of poor quality and should be avoided. 
  4. Another way to check the quality of a table, chair or any other furniture would be shake it up a little. If the furniture doesn’t sit even with the floor and wobbles, twists or creaks, stay far from it. Good quality furniture will be sturdy and balanced. 
  5. Furniture made out of good quality wood should be scratch resistant to a reasonable level. Even if the furniture dents a little, it will not be of much use later. In order to test this aspect of the furniture, you can use your fingernail to draw a line in an unexposed area of the furniture. If it chips or leaves a visible dent, it means it is of low quality and will wear out soon. 
  6. When buying drawers, wood on wood sliding drawers usually indicate low quality of furniture and are best to avoid. 
  7. One thing to be warned about is that, you need to be careful with names. The furniture industry trend now is coming up with names of poor-quality furniture that is similar to high-quality ones. Thus, ensure you are buying or renting from good furniture companies to not get fooled. 

Picking out good furniture that lasts for long is extremely important. Otherwise you will have to spend a ton of money in fixing them or getting new ones. Hope these tips mentioned above help you pick the right furniture. Last but not the least, don’t forget that renting is one of the best options when buying furniture. You can choose from a variety of choices such as dining sets to five-seater sofa for rent online. However, don’t forget quality comes with reputation as well, and thus, pick your furniture from well-reputed sources.

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