How to protect yourself from the heat in the city?

The heat can be a severe problem for those who work in cramped quarters, older people, and those who don’t like it. So we’ve gathered some handy tips to help you escape the heat at home, work, on walks, and in the country.

In such hot weather, it is better, if possible, to stay at home and engage in beneficial or relaxing activities. For example, you can discover the best cricket betting sites or a new series.

At the office: dress appropriately, plan things properly, and drink water.

The air conditioner is the most important source of conflict in the office during the summer. Some employees need it not to feel like a “vegetable”; according to others, it is a severe threat to health – colds, stiff necks, and loins. It is possible to find a compromise, for example, by setting a specific ventilation schedule or choosing a more or less optimal air conditioning mode. 

The average temperature for office workers is 23-25 °C and the relative humidity of 40-60%. The temperature can be increased up to 28 °C. Suppose the thermometer rises above this, and the employer does not take measures for climate normalization. In that case, the employees have the right to demand a reduction of working hours – one hour for each extra degree. When the temperature in the office is +32 °C, employees can stay at their workplace for no more than 1 hour.

But what to do if the temperature corresponds to the norm and you are still hot? Here are some tips to help you escape the heat.

  • Place a fan and direct the flow of air toward you. Avoid grumbling from colleagues in the office will help, for example, a desktop model. The main thing is not to overdo it; set a comfortable mode to avoid catching a cold.
  • Drink more water. If you still have not adjusted your drinking regime, it is high time in summer. Put a nice water bottle on the table and ensure it’s always packed. The optimal way to drink hot weather is to drink water at room temperature with lemon. But it is better to give up soda and sugary drinks: they will only increase the thirst. 
  • Wear light, spacious clothes made of natural fabrics. If there is a strict dress code in the office, try to negotiate with the management about some indulgences for the period of heat.
  • Try to plan all the essential things in the early morning, when the sun is not yet too active. Spend the first half of the day as productive as possible to allow yourself to work less intensely in the second half. 
  • Use a micellar water spray and other facial moisturizers. Heavy, oily creams and cosmetics in the summer are better not to use, and decorative cosmetics are advised to minimize.
  • During the day, regularly wash with cool water and lightly moisten earlobes and elbow bends. These areas have many biologically active points and nerve endings, so coolness will help cheer you up.
  • Potted plants with large fleshy leaves that actively produce oxygen can also help cope with the heat. Put them next to your workstation and spray them with a clean water sprayer to stay calm and moist for longer. 

At home: Close the curtains and humidify the air.

The air conditioner in the city apartment has long ago ceased to be a gimmick, but we can not call it a mandatory interior element. And summers in many regions are so short that it is inexpedient to establish climatic control. Nevertheless, in the hot weather at home too can be uncomfortable. Especially if your windows face south and the sun heats the apartment from morning to evening. How to escape the heat and stuffiness?

What else can be advised to make you feel better in hot weather?

First of all – light, light clothing is made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen). Clothing should be loose, not too close to the body. Headwear is a matter of personal preference, but it is advisable to cover your head. It will protect the head from overheating and the delicate skin from sunburn and help keep healthy hair – they are very sun-damaged: they dry out, burn out and become lifeless. We recommend wide-brimmed hats and baseball caps; hats – are light-colored, made of natural fabrics, and do not tightly fit the head.

Wet wipes or handkerchiefs and a bottle of water should be carried with you. Cooling sprays are another salvation for heated skin. Mineral water can be used instead, sprinkled from a spray nozzle.

Drink, drink, drink – here is another commandment of the hot summer. At least 1.5 – 2 liters a day – in small sips and often. Clean water, table mineral water, green or black tea, water with the addition of lemon juice, oranges, pieces of fruit and berries, mint leaves, or melissa. The temperature of the liquid is chosen individually: you need to remember that icy drinks – are the shortest way to angina, and to be sick in this heat is simply unbearable.

To make the house cooler, you can do as they do in hot places: in the early morning, before the sun warms the air, with open windows and balcony (and best of all in a draught), wipe the floor with a damp cloth, wait until the water evaporates, then close the balcony and windows, curtains tightly. In the evening, the feeling of coolness will pleasantly surprise the returning housemates. The main thing here is to let the water evaporate entirely and not to close the windows before time. Otherwise, the humidity will increase instead of the desired coolness in the room, which is not acceptable in the heat.

Taking an evening shower is worth following some somewhat unusual but practical advice: cool by the cool jets to finish the procedure with a hot shower, standing under it for at least 5 minutes. Fact: after such a shower, the ambient temperature will be excellent.

And finally, it is essential to remember that the heat is not eternal. You need to realize this fact, and on a psychological level, the heat will not seem so unbearable and will be just a background of summer life. In any case, after playing Cricket Betting Apps, you can enjoy not-so-hot summer evenings.

Opinion of doctors

Scientists advise installing sun protection devices on windows, such as blinds, white curtains, mount films, or tinted glass that would reflect the sun’s rays, mobile and stationary air conditioners, and even ordinary electric fans. It would be best if you remembered that the difference between the temperature of the room with an air conditioner and the temperature outside should not exceed 10 degrees.

It is necessary to humidify the rooms because it humidifies the air and lowers the temperature. Anti-mosquito netting on windows is also recommended to humidify periodically to reduce hot air penetration into the room.

People with chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, the elderly, and children, are advised to limit physical activity and exposure to the sun.

Outdoors you should wear hats, drink plenty of water and eat plenty of liquid foods, especially when you can’t refuse to stay outdoors. In addition, the child should drink up to two liters of water (but not cold water!) during the day and sleep at least 10.5 hours a day.

Periodically, especially after returning from the street, it is necessary to use showers. In addition, it is recommended that you wear hats in the shade while on the beach and minimize the time you spend in the sun. It is best to go to the beach in the morning or evening.

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