India Will Not be an Ally of USA, It will be Another Great Power, says White House Official

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USA, Dec 9, 2022: India will not be an ally of the United States but will be another great power, a top White House official expressed on Thursday highlighting which there is no other bilateral relationship that is being “deepened and strengthened” more rapidly than between India and the US countries over the last two decades.

Answering a question on India during his appearance at the Aspen Security Forum meeting in Washington, Kurt Campbell, the White House Asia coordinator, told that India is the most important bilateral relationship in his opinion.

“The fact is, I don’t know of any bilateral relationship that is being deepened and strengthened more rapidly than the United States and India over the last 20 years,” the top White House official told a Washington audience. He further stressed that the US needs to divulge even more of its capacity, and building in people-to-people ties, working together on technology and other issues.

India-US relationship, he stressed, is not just built on anxiety surrounding China. “It is a deeper understanding of the importance of the synergies between our societies,” he said, adding that the Indian diaspora in the US is a powerful connection.

Campbell also acknowledged that Indians were ambivalent when President Joe Biden and his administration had voiced their decision to take the Quad to the leader level.

“There were probably voices in their bureaucracy that were against it. But when President Biden made the direct appeal repeatedly to Prime Minister Modi, they decided that this was in their interests,” he said.

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