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By Vanita Srinivas

Life is a series of situations. Some are pleasant, some are happy, some are anticipated, some are tough, some are bad and so on… we tend to attach a tag to each situation. This is basic human nature to classify situation as a cognitive process. It’s a psychological result of perception learning and reasoning. A situation may be pleasant and happy for one but the same situation may be tough and challenging for the other. Mathematics exam is a classic example of the above statement. A student who is good in mathematics is looking forward to appear for the exam with full enthusiasm where as, a student who dreads mathematics has already experienced several nightmares prior to the examination date. Similar is the analogy of History or Chemistry papers too, indicative of a comfort zone of each student. Apparently the degree and interpretation of a situation depends a lot on our capabilities. Capabilities are nothing but our strength, ‘THE INNER STRENGTH.’

The pressures in our lives are mounting day by day. The unrealistic ambitions, unhealthy competitions greed etc.. are waning out our inner strength. The recent news items have disturbed every heart in the city. A girl was stabbed 28 times in broad day light! A teacher was stabbed in front of the whole class!

Psychoanalysis of the underlying causes of aggression and rage are many and varied. The upbringing, mainly, at the long last, is the root cause. Incidents of humiliation, deprivation, rejection etc, in weak beings, find an outlet in the form of violence and aggression.

As per the statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau, 41 % of total crimes are committed by Youth in the age group of 18-30. This is exactly the phase of life when a person has to meet the real challenges of life and prove himself to come up to the expectations of his kiths and kins. In brief this is the most trying and crucial period in our life.

The statistics of UN reveals that India has the World’s largest youth population. Youngsters are booming with energy and great potentials, they are instrumental in carving the nations destiny. In a scenario as depicted by UN data, we need to harness this potential to become a prosperous strong nation.

Wisdom and patience is an alien concept to the aggressive personality. He lacks the strength and loses sensibility. Aggressive personality tends to justify the wrong reasons and often turn violent and inhuman. Just imagine the fate of a country whose youth force lacks sapience! The call to put the youth on right and constructive path is of utmost urgency.

The upbringing starts at home but doesn’t end here. The education system and the workplace are an integral part, independent, but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole in the process of upbringing. The conduct of youth is an echo of our social ethos. Social and cultural values are respected only when the youth as an individual is respected. Respect begets respect. The parents keep hammering the dos and don’ts at home, the teachers keep pressurizing for better marks and the bosses at workplace keep expecting excellence in the performance, without giving a moment to care, understand and appreciate the efforts of the individual. We all are responsible for the ‘I don’t care’ attitude of the youth today. We should Endeavour to understand them and be concerned for them. Let us not be overly focused on mundane daily chores or top rank marks or project deadlines. Let us strive to nurture the youth with virtues, values and empathy. Such strengthening of the individual to the core will help him face any type of situation in life with sensibility and wisdom. When confronted with a humiliating situation, a strong man will not pick the knife to kill, but will handle the situation with skill to resolve and move forward to build a good life, better society and the best nation.

The inner strength builds my character
My character builds my inner strength

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