Leading By Example : Mobile Trash Composting Machine Installed at Sector -34!

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Today Inauguration Ceremony of Composting Machine is taken placed in Block A, Sector 34 ,Noida and event inaugurated by Former Noida  MLA Vimla Batham and Sr Project Engineer RS Yadav at 10:30 AM.

The event was attended by the President and General Secretaries of all apartments of Sector 34 RWA’s and CONRWA president PS Jain apart from the residents of Sector 34.

Bimla Batham and RS Yadav had focused on the Segregation of Waste at source and handing over the same to the authorized waste collectors of  Waste Management Agency who has committed to collect the garbage and treat the wet waste with the help of Mobile Trash ( Organic Waste Converter machine mounted on the vehicle) and produce the manure at the common collection point. Residents can retain  all the raw compost and can also  buy back the mature compost from the waste management agency on the subsidized rates as there is value addition cost is involved in conversion from raw compost to mature compost.

The Managing Director of Waste Management Agency has also told that machine has capacity to treat the organic waste of 5000 house hold per day and will charge Rs 80 per house hold per month for pre segregated waste and Rs 120 for un segregated waste . The organiser of this event CMA MC Bhardwaj has told that initiatives can be the game changer in the Swacch Bharat Mission where RWA are not required to deploy the capital cost . Only there is need to push for pre  Segregation of Waste be done by the households and handed over to waste collector. This will not only reduce the air , soil and water pollution but also reduce the transportation cost of Noida Authority as segregation will make things easy in Composting of wet waste and recycling of drywaste. This will reduce the burden on the landfill sites by 75 to 85 % of total waste generated in the Noida City. All the participants has lauded these efforts and shown interest in these initiatives.

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