Lung Care Foundation along with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital launch #BeatLungCancer Campaign!


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New Delhi: Today, On Occasion of World Lung Cancer Day, Lung Care Foundation along with Centre for Chest Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in its endeavor to improve the grim scenario of Lung Cancer India, launched the campaign #BeatLungCancer.

The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about lung cancer among the masses, promoting screening of Lung Cancer in order to detect Lung Cancer at an earlier stage and have timely treatment, and promote stories of strengths of patients in order to inspire others.

Lung care foundation has also partnered with YouWeCan foundation in order to reach the masses and to empower them with the necessary information for proactive detectlon and treatment of Lung Cancer.

Talking about this Campaign, Dr. Arvind K umar, Founder Trustee Lung Care Foundation, Chairman Centre For Chest Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi said,

“Lung cancer is a dreaded disease with one of the lowest 5-year survival rates. I am personally shocked by the alarming rise in cases, occurrence in younger individuals, non-smokers and women. While conventional wisdom says that smoking is the main cause but there is strong evidence now that points to the increasing role of polluted air in increasing incidence Of lung cancer.”

“#Beatlungcancer is a humble initiative by Lung Care Foundatton to raise awareness, promote screening for early detection and provide inspiration & support through stones of strength of other patients,” added Dr. Arvind.

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