Mercedes, Penthouse and Celebrity Pictures: Noida Man Floats Fake Event Company to Support Lavish Lifestyle!

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(29/12/2017) Noida :

A Noida based fraud wedding planner Abhishek Kashyap has been arrested by UP STF in Lucknow for allegedly duping different clients on pretext of organizing luxurious weddings.

The 30 year old had an event company going by the name of Wedding Amigo and would use social media and directory listings to trap clients. He was arrested following a complaint made by a Ghaziabad resident who had paid Abhishek 10 Lakh rupees for some wedding arrangement.

An enquiry by the client with the selected hotel had him alarmed when he learned of no any such booking. Confused he tried contacting Abhishek who initially dodged him on pretext of foreign travel however later started completely ignoring the call. Later the client filed a formal complaint and case was transferred to STF.

After studying the modus operandi of the accused, STF laid a well-planned trap to nab the fake wedding planner. STF personnel posed as client and lured Abhishek to Lucknow. He was arrested on Thursday when he came for a meeting. STF is now probing him to gather more information about his other victims and whether he was operating alone or had any other help.

Used Lavish Lifestyle to convince clients :

Abhishek Kashyap travelled in luxury vehicles, lived in a penthouse in upmarket Jaypee Greens society and flaunted pictures with celebrity to create a mirage of well to do serious business person. He would trap clients, sweet talk them about various amazing proposals of destination and theme weddings, took advance and flee with it.

He would constantly change number and stay out of country for long periods after committing each fraud. More details regarding the same may emerge after STF investigates and probes him further.


(Story based on news report published in India Today. No contact with complainant or accused could be made)

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