Minor Girl Escapes Forced Marriage with Grandmothers Help, Both Parties file cases!

Saurabh Kumar

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30/11/2017        Saurabh Kumar



A minor girl has been saved by her grandmother from being forcibly married to a person twice her age. As per the incident a 15 years old minor girl was rescued by her grandmother who helped her to escape from a forced marriage on Monday.
A FIR has been registered in the case without mentioning any ones name.

Both grandmother and the girl fled their house to escape the marriage; however when the groom got to know about the same a complaint was registered by his family at Greater Noida police station. In the complaint, the family members of groom alleged that the bride disappeared with jewellery and cash given by them.

However later, on Tuesday, when the girl appeared with her grandmother the whole story changed,
The girl went to Dadri police station along with her grandmother and claimed that she was being harassed by the groom’s family and she was being pressurized for the marriage. The girl lives with his uncle and even girl’s father, who has married another women after the death of girl’s mother, wasn’t informed of this.

Ram Sen Singh, SHO, Dadri, said, “The girl is a minor and is living with her aunt and uncle. Her mother died in 2004 and father Manoj remarried again. The grandmother was told that a Baraat will come to their residence on Monday evening following which she fled with the girl.”

Ram Sen Singh said the girl’s uncle, identified as Dharampal, is an alcoholic and had fixed her marriage with a man, identified as Anil, 35, of Ladpura. “We immediately told the groom’s family not to harass the girl and her grandmother. The matter is being investigated and as family has demanded for security so all the needed help will be provided to them he assured,” SHO said.The family of the groom alleged that Dharampal had taken money from them for the wedding. They claimed that they had given him Rs 6 lakh in cash and jewellery worth Rs 2 lakh, the police said.

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