NEFOMA organized a DHARNA/Protest at Gaur City Gol Chakkar Noida Extension

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Against the illegal activities by the builders of Noida Extension (Greater Noida West), NEFOMA organized a Dharna/Protest today 24th April 2016 (Sunday) at 11:30 AM Gaur City Gol Chakkar Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). Buyers are in trouble and looking for government to take action in this matter to give relief to home buyers.

Buyers having following issues with Builders:
1. Late Possession.
2. Illegal Demand for extra amount.
3. Offer Possession without obtaining Completion Certificate.
4. Illegal demand of maintenance charges at unmanaged rates.
5. Unauthorized relationship between Builders and Greater Noida authority to generate troubles for buyers.

Because of that We NEFOMA have given Gyapan to Mr. Akhilesh Yadav (Chief Minister Utter Pradesh) so that they can directly look into this matter. We want Mr Akhilesh Yadav ji look into these issues and requesting you the following:

1. Implement the RERA bill in UP on priority.
2. Order to investigate the relationship between Authority and Builders if that leads to troublesome for buyers.
3. Take action if builders forces home buyers to take possession even without getting completion/occupancy certificate for the project.
4. Take action if builders demands illegal charges like unmanaged meter charges, unmanaged maintenance charges, Maintenance in advance in advance for 2 years and not providing all the services, etc.

In Noida extension (Greater Noida West) buyers are not getting relief from problem and problems are coming one after one and now Builders are harassing flat buyers in different manners.

Late possession is major problem in Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). Because buyers have booked their flats before 6 years and now situation is they are not getting their flats completed by builders and due to that they are not getting relief from their monthly rent and paying EMI of their home loans on the other hand. So buyers are getting burden from many sides.
Some builders are giving pressure on the buyers to take possession even builder have not received completion certificate and other completion certificates from Authority. This is illegal thing being carried by builders. On the other hand if buyers are taking possession they are not getting all the facilities in the society and even than builder are charging maintenance charges for those amenities.
Some builders are asking buyers to pay extra illegal demands in different manners and without paying them buyers will not get their home. Noida Extension (Greater Noida West) Buyers are suffering from these issues and when they are trying to talk to builders and authorities they are just getting assurance but nothing happening on ground. Some builders are threatening the buyers because of buyers are asking them to provide all amenities which they are contracted and paying for monthly.
NEFOMA organized a Dharna/Protest today 24th April 2016 (Sunday) at 11:30 AM Gaur City Gol Chakkar Noida Extension (Greater Noida West) to discuss all these issues. In this We all buyers decided to take action against all the builders and boycott all these builders if they don’t helps their home buyers. We will continue to fight against all illegal activities at every platform to get relief for all buyers.

Following NEFOMA team members leaded this protest Mr. Annu Khan, Mr. Ravi Trivedi, Mr. Sanjay Naniwal, Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Mr. Devkant and Mr. Vineet Verma. Along with other associations of Noida and Greater Noida. Mr. Anil Kumar from Czar Supertech was also present in the protest.

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