Netizens rage against Coronavirus positive Kanika Kapoor for throwing party and Inviting 100s including MPs

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‘Baby Doll’,  ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyaan’ and ‘Desi Look’ fame Kanika Kapoor announced today that she has been tested positive for coronavirus via an instagram post.

After this confirmation, people on twitter and across the social media are raging against Kanika for displaying sheer irresponsibility and putting hundreds of lives at risk.

#KanikaKapoor is trending at Number 1 on twitter with over 60,000 tweets in just couple of hours.

Some people who were extremely furious with Kanika’s actions went as far as demanding criminal proceedings against her.


The singer hosted a party for her friends and family at a hotel in Lucknow after returning from London on 15th March, which was attended by high-profile bureaucrats, politicians and socialites with strength of over 100 people.

Journalist Barkha Dutt on Twitter pointed out that Kanika had met Vashundra Raje’s son Dushyant Singh who later went on to meet the President Ram Nath Kovind putting his life at risk unknowingly.

Questions were also raised about how Kanika managed to hide her travel history from the authorities.

No other person in contact with Kanika has tested positive for the virus yet but still the health department has asked all people in her contact to self-isolate.

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