No respite expected from Smog in Gautam Buddha Nagar for next two days, Administration adopts emergency measures!

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8/11/2017   Saurabh Kumar


With most of the Delhi/NCR choking under thick smog, on Wednesday level of pollution reached at an extremely dangerous level especially for children’s, old age persons & patients. The city seems to have turned into a gas chamber and is causing great inconvenience to one and all.


If appropriate measures were not taken to control the air pollution very soon then in upcoming years it will make everyone a patient of lungs. According to experts on an average a healthy person breathes for about 20 thousand times a day. In our atmosphere gases like Carbon-Di-Oxide, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Mono Oxide all are present in a fixed ratio and when this ratio gets unstable due to any physical factors the atmosphere gets  polluted which is very hazardous for  human beings.


According to weather forecast department this situation will remain same for next two days because there is no forecast of rain or speedy winds in upcoming days. The Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA) has directed governments to impose all conditions applicable under the ‘severe’ category and take steps as per the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). District Magistrate B N Singh, Gautam Budh Nagar, said “We are taking all possible measures to fight pollution. Our inspections are on at various places and people have been fined. We have been spreading awareness among farmers to not burn their crop residue. We are taking all measures suggested under GRAP, to tackle pollution in the severe category” Today water was  sprinkled on roads and construction sites were fined  which were flaunting  environmental norms by  Noida Authority. Pollution control officer also said that we were monitoring the situation and preventive measures will be taken as per situation.

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