Noida District Hospital to get Swine Flu Investigation Facility by August

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Saurabh Kumar

Swine flu investigation facility will start in the district hospital from August. After this, the health department will not have to send samples taken from the patients for examination to Delhi National Disease Control Center (NCDC) . If you have to collect the report from NCDC, it takes 15 days and sometimes more than that, so it becomes very difficult for patients to manage for so long.

Dr. Ajay Agrawal, Chief Medical Superintendent of the district hospital said that Pathology of the hospital was authorized by the central government . Therefore, there is a need for the facility for swine flu investigation. There will be separate arrangements for swine flu tests in the lab. Swine flu infection increases when temperature decreases. Therefore, in August, the facility for sample examination will begin.

Swine Flu check kit has been brought from the Health Department now as earlier due to  unavailability of suspected patients have to face a lot of problems during their checkup.

Ever year a large number of patients  suspected of Swine flu reach district hospital. Swab samples from the throat of suspected Patients is taken and sent to the National Disease Control Center in Delhi. After confirmation through the report, the patient gets Tamiflu’s medicine from the hospital. Swine flu confirmed patients of private hospitals are also provided Tamiflu medicine from the district hospital.

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