Police Investigations Reveal Enraged Lover Behind Dadri Women’s Murder Shot Dead Last Week!

Saurabh Kumar

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23/10/2017    Saurabh Kumar


A week ago a women was shot dead in Balaji Mandir Street of Dadri . Police has now resolved the case and have found illicit relationship as the primary cause of gruesome murder.Police investigations have revealed that the woman was murdered by his lover because of having physical relations with other persons. On Saturday police had arrested the culprit from Dadri Railway road and sent him to jail.

Police has now said that victim Sushma Devi was living in a live in relationship with Mukesh, a resident of Aligarh from last 8 years. But at the same time she also got into realtions with a car driver Ashok of Harduaganj, Aligarh. She also had given birth to a girl child.

However 3 months ago Mukesh died in an accident but even after that Ashok & Sushma kept on meeting. On the eve of Karwachauth he spent around 14 thousand on shopping for her. Ashok is eldest among his four brother. It is said that he used to spend all his income on Sushma and wanted to make her wife. But allegedly Sushma again had made relation with someone else and he get to know about this and tried to convince her out of the same.

On 12 October Ashok came to Dadri to met her but she refused & insulted him. From that day Ashok had made his mind to kill her. On the night of incident she was sitting in front of her house when Ashok shot her with a country made pistol and went back to Aligarh. .

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