Rare Sun-Halo spotted in Delhi

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New Delhi, 28th May 2023: Sone Residents from Delhi-NCR today claimed to have seen a rare sight. Delhiites witnessed a rare celestial phenomenon termed as the Sun Halo- a bright coloured ring around the Sun, that was also witnessed in neighboring states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh.

The optic phenomenon, also known as the ‘22 degree halo’ appears like a rainbow encircling the sun or moon at 22 degrees. It happens over the sun refracting millions of hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.

The residents were left marveling over the phenomenon, as the circular halos were produced by the cirrus clouds, that are thin, detached and hair-like clouds in actuality.

Images of the phenomenon is going viral on social media. The same phenomenon was witnessed in Dehradun last year, that led to experts cautioning the people as they click pictures of the phenomenon directly.

The same phenomenon when observed around the moon is termed as a moon ring or winter halo, which is mostly closer to white or any other similar shade.

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