Students of Galgotias Educational Institutions participate in patriotic oath taking ceremony


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Students of Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology recently took part in a wonderful event with the slogan “My first vote, for the country”.

The main objective of this program was to make the students politically aware and inspire them to make their significant contribution to democracy. The campaign symbolises the importance of celebrating elections and the pride of voting in the world’s largest democracy.

The campaign is organized by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs, which aims to promote universal and enlightened participation of youth in elections.

In line with the above campaign, GEI is organizing the following programs:
(a) 02-03-2024-Voter Oath
(b) 03-03-2024 Extempore (Provisional)
(c) 04-03-2024-Poetry/Rap Song Writing Competition.
(d) 05-03-2024-Essay Writing Competition and Digital Content Competition
(e) 06-03-2024 – Debate, Quiz, Drawing, Painting and Slogan Competition.

The oath-taking ceremony was held at the college campus where the students came together and celebrated this moment with enthusiasm and zeal. The oath-taking ceremony was started by the head of the college, who spoke to the students at length about importance of patriotism and democracy.
Dr. Dhruv Galgotias, CEO of Galgotias University, while addressing the students, said that each vote of yours is very important for nation building. In the true sense, you are the builder of the bright future of tomorrow’s India. You are the true captain of the country. Today, India is the youngest country in the world. Today the reins of India are in the hands of you ‘the youth’. If you want, you can make India a golden bird again on the strength of your honesty and hard work. With your tireless efforts, India can once again become a world leader. Our country can become the crown gem of the whole world. You need to come forward and discharge your duties with full honesty.

The students took an oath together with the slogan “My first vote, for the country” to express their patriotism. On the occasion, the students shared their thoughts and perspectives and pledged to contribute to the future of the country. They expressed meaningful ideas and showed that they understood their role in democracy very well and were ready to strengthen it.

The programe was organized by the college with various art and literary performances. This gave students another medium to raise political awareness. Along with this, a special lecture was organized in which expert speakers on political topics were given an opportunity to share their views with the students.
The students not only raised their awareness through this unique support, but also conveyed the important message regarding important role of each and every individual to take the responsibility of voicing their opinions seriously.

The programme was conducted under the patronage of Dr. Bipin Kumar Srivastava. Abhinav Bhardwaj, Nikhil Gautam, Aryan Pandit, Priyanshu Pandey, Aditya Jaiswal were specially present on the occasion.

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