Swaraj India launches ‘NOTA- No Till an Alternative’ campaign for LS Polls in Delhi

Talib Khan / Rahul Jha

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New Delhi, (20/4/2019): Swaraj India founder Yogendra Yadav organized a press conference today, in which he launched a new campaign “NOTA – No Till An Alternative” for Lok Sabha elections.

While briefing the media he said, “the people of Delhi needs more than politics, they need someone who is more reliable then the leaders who are running the country for so long. People believed in Aam Admi Party but the dirty politics takes away the ideology Aam Admi Party was formed with”.

“Swaraj India wants to urge people to use NOTA in the upcoming LS polls in Delhi on 12 May. We will not boycot voting because it will be against our constitution and an insult to the democracy. We will not choose within these limited candidates who are not working for nation’s welfare instead for their own welfare”.

We want to ask the three ruling parties, two of which were ruling and fighting for the power since long and the new entrance AAP, “why despite your efforts people are suffering, “sealing in delhi is a big issue and none of the ruling parties are showin any concern over issue and blaming each other”, “why corruption is still going amongst the government institutions?”

We want to ask AAP government that they promised to make “Delhi a drug free state, liqour shops in the state have increased instead of closing”. “In five years DTC busess have decreased instead of increasing”.

“Congress have promised when in power that unauthorized colonies will be authorized but there is no implementation”.

Swaraj India is supporting candidates in some states who according to us should be elected to power. And urge people to choose NOTA where no eligible candidate is contesting.

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