Team Karma shares their memorandum ahead of Delhi Medical Council Election 2020

Saurabh Singh / Harinder Singh

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New Delhi : Team Karma, is one amongst the total four teams contesting for Delhi Medical Council Election 2020 that is to be held on 8 March. Each 4 teams has 8 members who will hold different posts.

While Interacting with Ten News, Dr Naresh Chawla shared his priorities “To make Delhi Quack free, for which DMC was created will be our first priority. For now, out of total percentage of doctors, 15 ℅ of doctors are quacks and because of such doctors, the whole doctor fraternity gets defamed.

Dr Narendra K Saini said curbing Violence against doctors will be in our top list ” Stronger deterrent and swift measures for prevention & debar such cases from DMC trial, family indulging in violence to be named at DMC site, educate public and politicians regarding wider impact on social structure kind of initiative will also be taken.”

While Dr Rakesh Taneja talked of bringing some changes inside the organisation, “We will change the bureaucratic attitude of the body. So that Every member visiting DMC will be treated with respect even during proceedings.”

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