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As a school student we had drawn some random shapeless hairy figures as virus and bacteria in our practical notebooks. Despite the fact we all scored well in practical exams, today on the contrary, it has practically rendered all our eruditions useless. Virus has brought entire human kind on their knees.

Did we ever realize that these super tiny hairy creatures could be ruthless and scary also? As far as I remember we were taught that virus is a non living organism as long as they are floating free in the air due to the protein coating and they come alive when they get on contact with a living organism.  As a matter of fact this transformation has taken the entire world with storm and panic. The mankind is at a loss to deal with this situation.

We are being attacked by COVID 19. As a lay person, it is presumed that this is 19th version/generation of COVID virus. COVID 1 was a carrier of SARS. The virus since then has been upgrading its ‘Avatar’ through diseases like H1N1, Ebola, Hanta, Pota etc… the modus operandi of this type of virus is closely similar. They settle in the lungs and cause cold, flu and fever. The 19th generation of COVID has decimated our prowess despite our experience with past 18 generations of their species.

The swift and unabated attack of the virus has caught us unawares and humbled us. We considered ourselves as Supreme Being on this planet with loads of achievements and advancements in Medicine and Technology. Today, we are unable to cope up with the faceless attack and dropping like flies. This tiny being has shattered and battered the inflated ego and the very existence of our race. It has torn apart the masquerade of supremacy and compelled us to house arrest and wear cloth masks to save our face.

The medical fraternity has relentlessly fought against the attacker risking their lives in doing so. The mankind should be eternally indebted to them. They have emerged as frontline warriors in this war against virus. Every heart is now eagerly waiting for the vaccine to protect them from Corona.

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