‘The Brotherhood’ documentary film based on Mob Lynching cases will be released on August 15

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Documentary film The Brotherhood will be released on the occasion of India’s Independence Day on August 15th. Film is based on mob lynching episodes and communal unity in India. Indian TV network Tata Sky will also have four special pre-views on 10 and 11 August. The film is produced and directed by senior journalist Pankaj Parashar.

Film was passed by the Indian Censor Appeal Tribunal (FCAT). Indeed, the Indian censor board (CBFC) refused to give the certificate to the film, told Pankaj Parashar. He said, this documentary film starts with a much talked Dadri mob lynching case in Bisahda village near capital city Delhi. A man named Akhlaq murdered in the night September 28, 2015. The villagers were suspected of killing cow and consuming the beef. At this time, such incidents are happening in the whole country.

Pankaj Parashar says that there are mutual relations between Hindus and Muslims in the areas where such incidents are occurring very good. People do not perform any custom without each other. The people here say that political parties are giving such kind of incidents to political gain only. It is against the unity of the country, the fundamental rights of citizens and the constitutional framework. This is the subject matter of the documentary.
Pankaj Parashar said, on the occasion of Independence Day on August 15, the documentary film will be released on YouTube. Earlier, on TATA SKY, on August 10 and 11, special broadcast will be broadcast four times.

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