The theological quest: An interesting read exploring life’s deepest mysteries with a teenagers’ view

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A lot of time it so happens that we start to think about various aspects of life- some deep, some divine. And when a boy, Sid – still not out of his adolescence – embarks on a journey to find and seek answers to life’s most unfounded mysteries, it leads to a gripping tale that’s beautifully narrated in the book, aptly named, The Theological Quest.

Through this book, Author Sudiksha Sarcar, through protagonist, Sid, dives deeper into the subject and leaves the reader astounded with the way every chapter brings forward really hard facts in form much simpler words. This book takes you on a journey where you feel more content, more enlightened with every turn of page.

But this is not your ordinary self-help book but a very beautifully entwined blend of facts and fiction, where the reader’s interest is never subdued but only grows from one chapter to another.

So we ask the author, Sudiksha Sarcar, a student who had earlier this year completed her 10th standard board from Amity International, Gurugram, as to what inspired her to take such a topic that’s conventionally considered very serious.

“So when I first thought of writing a book, I started working on many different drafts. But due to some or the other reason, none of them could be taken forward beyond a point. It is after much deliberation that this story started taking shape in my mind, I created a basic outline and realised that it’s a tale that must be told. That’s how this book started,” says Sudiksha.

She admits that the characters in the book or even some storyline are inspired from her observations of her surroundings. “Of course, it’s a work of fiction but whenever you are writing, your mind does take inspirations for what all one has seen, been through and observed.”

Divided in form of chapters, this 448 pages book, took her 6 months to complete and we can’t resist but ask how she made it possible, this quick. “Yes, it was entirely conceptualized, drafted and edited post the lockdown. Having more time at hand certainly helped and as there were more thoughts, more ideas, more stories to share, the final draft eventually turned out to be this detailed,” shares Sudiksha.

Also what inspired this Gurugram-resident to touch this subject, was her frequent journeys to the spiritual town of Mathura, where her grandparents live.

“My grandparents live in Vrindavan and often while visiting them, we get in conversation around issues concerning spirituality, humanity and the changing world. I was intrigued by the subject and there are so many aspects to it, waiting to be heard and discovered. Hence, I’m glad I can put some of it in my own words and write this book, on the quest that many take in their life,” she says.

It is indeed, the clarity of her thoughts that has made this book possible.  Beginning from the character sketch of a boy in a call center to getting you the feel of serene Himalayan breeze, it is a literally delight full of vibrant colours and characters. The Theological Quest remains a must read for all age groups, as for teenagers, it is way too relatable and for Bibliophiles in other age groups, it leaves you astounded about what all have we been missing in life.

You can also grab your copies online by clicking here or here and do let us know your thoughts about this amazing read!

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