Times LitFest Delhi 2018: Authors from across the world share views on literature, books and ideas!

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New Delhi: Times Lit Fest-Delhi 2018
Brought authors from across the world and provide them a electrifying platform for a lively exchange of views on literature, books and ideas. Change is a constant in independent India and Litfest-2018 is to celebrate the efflorescence of change in all its dimensions. Whether in the attitudes of the youth, the energy of civil society, fast-paced technological breakthroughs or in the dynamic interaction of the generations, there is no doubt that people are seeing a New India.

Festival Director Vinita Dawra Nangia organised this amazing event with the message, “We are the world’s youngest country of its size, and the new intellectual churning and questioning, new ideas about society, politics, citizens’ activism and youth power are the exciting new features we hope to showcase in the third edition of Times Lit Fest Delhi 2018. We bring together the country’s leading authors, thinkers, influencers and change-agents to talk, debate and chronicle their views of the New India and express their ideas on the challenges of today. ”

Dynamic authors from India and abroad named Clare Mackintosh, Amish Tripathi & Ashwin Sanghi sat together for the first time and discussed the art of edge-of-seat narratives.

Clare Elizabeth Mary Mackintosh is a British Sunday Times bestselling author and former police officer. Who witnessed crime stories while working as a police officer and now is writing stories that depicts some message related to the crime that happens around us.

She said while addressing the session that, “I get my ideas to write from my sorroundings, newspapers but the main thing I have always noticed is that the outside of the cases we read in newspapers or we see in our real life, is totally different from the affect it holds after happening in the lives of people associated to it. People gets curious to know that why one was murdered and why one was declared a criminal but I like to discover that how one gets affected by getting imprisoned or by committing a murder.”

Except Clare, famous Indian writers Amish Tripathi & Ashwin Sanghi also attended the session.

Amish Tripathi was born in Mumbai and grew up near Rourkela, Odisha. He is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He worked for 14 years in the financial services industry.

He wrote many of the books that holds a very great impacts on the lives of people.

Another session was about The Changing Trends of Hindi Cinema which had the presence of eminent Bollywood personalities like Meghna Gulzar, Vikramaditya Motwane & Prasoon Joshi who had a word with Yasser Usman.

They discussed whether Bollywood movies are functioning on the basis of the faces that holds or by the script the are powered with.

Meghna Gulzar, an Indian film director who recently directed Raazi spoke at the session that,

“Alia was the only choice I had for the lead character in the movie Raazi. I could have casted other female actresses who are much more popular then Alia but I wanted someone who fits the character.”

Indian author Shweta Bachchan Nanda along with Meghna Gulzar addressed another session and had a word about their work with Vinita Dawra Nangia.

Shweta was when asked about the reason of not writing anything about their parents, she said, “We can either get dissolved in one glass of water or we can go explore the sea. My father said if I start writing on him or my mother, I can lose a chance to explore things that must be explored . ”

She also said, “When you are associated with a name for your whole life but you want to do something of your own and want to build your own path which is very usual for a person who belongs to someone who stays in the spotlight forever.”

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