Two more students suspended in Sharda University ruckus incident

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Saurabh Kumar



Taking action against students who were allegedly involved in creating ruckus at the Sharda University campus, University administration suspended 2 students as their name came to light from the proceedings of the three member investigation committee formed to investigate the issue. According to University officials, in more students may face punishments if they are found to be guilty.

After the strict action from the Sharda University administration, students have started leaving Whatsapp groups one by one that were created for the purpose of mobilizing students to join the protest. These groups were influenced by the self-proclaimed leaders Deepak Sharma and Ved Nagar who are trying to hijack the issue for their personal benefits. An FIR against them has already been registered and the police is trying to nab them.

Apart from this, on Monday, parents of all 38 students who are charged under 107/116 for their involvement in the protest were called on by the Sharda University administration. Parents were asked to submit an affidavit before the SDM mentioning that in future their wards will not involve themselves in any such illegal incident.

Carelessness from the University side while handling the incident has also came in light as the police and district administration had asked for a complete report over the whole incident. The University had assured authorities that it would submit the report by Sunday but has failed to do so thus far. This delay from the university side on such a sensitive issue is raising question marks over the intentions and credibility of Sharda University.

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