Understand the diamonds before you buy them!

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Diamonds are the most loved and cherished gemstones of all. The exclusivity, rarity, and the sparkle of these stones have won the hearts of millions. And the wave of love is never stopping. Be it as an investment, love, gift, or an expression of beauty – people invest in diamonds for all sorts of reasons.

While the world is full of diamond collections and online jewellery shopping brings you closer to infinite designs, it is important to understand your diamonds. Here is a quick snap into the understanding of diamonds before you shell out money on them!


Diamond or diamond cubic is a crystal gemstone holding beauty incomparable. But unlike the regular construed thoughts, diamonds aren’t just transparent or white in color but come in varied shapes and sizes. It is important to know that some shades are rare than others and thus are more expensive. The size of the diamonds and the characteristics too lend it exclusivity making it more cherished than others. Cubic zirconia, a popular substitute for diamonds, is another gemstone that is very similar to diamonds but not the same. Its what you buy that matters!


Carat is the standard unit of weighing your diamonds. The more the carats, the more is the density and size of the diamond thereby making it more expensive and rare too. Mostly, diamonds are purchased on the basis of their carats.


The sparkling beauty of diamonds exists because of its clarity. The higher is the clarity, the more sparkly and shiny the diamond gets. Clarity is also a sign of purity. As the purity of the diamond decreases, the clarity gets vanished thus reducing the value and the beauty of diamonds. On the Diamond Clarity Chart, I1, I2, and I3 are the ones with the least clarity while the Flawless Diamonds are pure and sparkling.

Shade of diamonds

Colour is one of the most important factors determining not just choices but the beauty of it too. Diamonds differ in colors i.e. yellow, blue, brown, gray, etc. and sometimes a combination of them. While colorless diamonds have become the most desirable, the shaded ones are high in demand too. From the ancient times, some blue and yellow diamonds have become truly expensive due to their clarity and carats, while today the more colourless diamonds are tagged the highest prices. The shades of diamonds too can determine your choices, price, jewellery design, and uniqueness of jewellery.

Diamond cut

Not all diamonds reflect the same shine and sparkle. It is all about the infinite cuts that build it up. The crystallized beauty of diamond stands out because of the cuts that it beholds. When getting your diamond tested its important to note that a well-cut diamond is always better than deep or shallow cuts. Well-cut diamonds lend more shine, reflection, and crystallized beauty than others.

While diamonds are a personal choice, it is always best to pay attention to details and get the diamonds tested before you buy Jewellery designs catalogue with price. One should ask for the authenticity certificate which mentions the features of diamonds and makes it a valuable treasure.

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