Will Elizabeth Warren Be The First Women US President?

Yetnesh Dubey

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Greater Noida (02/01/19) : On 31st of December, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren announced her run for the 2020 presidential campaign. The 69 years old senator declared her interest in the public campaign through her social media handle in the form of a video.

Elizabeth Warren gained popularity while fighting for the issues of Free college education, legalisation of marijuana, and climate change. She has also refused to take any corporate donations to advance her political career while also fighting for consumer rights.

After the ending of 8-year long Obama administration left office in Washington, Democrats have had a tough run. President Donald Trump has not only changed the rulebook for Democrats but for his own party as well. It is clear that the old theme of Democrats Vs Republicans is not going to work in the upcoming elections.

The fight has moved from differences in ideologies to differences in issues. The problems in the upcoming elections are clear; Gun control, Immigration, Health care and the environment protection are the major issues candidates will be fighting for.

On the side of the Republicans, it is clear that the Donald Trump will be seeking a second term while on the side of the Democrats, there is no clear leader which represents the entire party yet.

However, in the mid-term elections, the Texas senator candidate Beto O’Rourke generated massive support from all around the USA. His fight with Senator Ted Cruz was almost neck to neck because Beto lost by a margin of just 2 lakh votes. The important thing to note here is that while being predominantly Red, Texas was almost turned blue.

The fight for Elizabeth Warren will not just be against Trump but also against a massive fake news factory, which seems to become active any time there’s a national election.

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