Yamuna Authority CEO Reprimands officials for pending work, demands day to day reports!

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8/11/2017   Saurabh Kumar


Yamuna Authority CEO Arun Veer Singh on Tuesday reprimanded the officials for pending work. On issue of keeping files pending for long time, Yamuna Authority CEO Arun Veer Singh issued a warning letter to the officers. Now in-departmental work is being monitored on regular basis and if it is not been up to the mark then officers can also might be suspended for the same.

Pressure on increasingly mounting on Yamuna Authority as authority has failed to allot the flats to the buyers yet. Farmers have also been regularly pressurizing the authority for their compensation. Similarly builders are also waiting for some pending approvals of their drawings and most of the developmental work has to be out on hold because of the same.

As there is a investigation going on in some Authority schemes, hence oficials have been apprehensive about doing signatures on documents and hence people are also getting annoyed because of the same.

Also as farmers are not being paid their due compensation hence the land is also not being made available for the development projects. So CEO has now fixed the responsibility of officials and asked them for day to day reports.

Land department have to submit reports of compensation distributed, mortgage & land acquisition done on day to day basis. Similarly construction department has been asked for giving reports of construction & work related to it on day to day basis.

As per instructions ‘Niyojan’ department had to give reports of how many drawings has been approved to CEO.

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