YouTube to Shutdown Stories Feature from June 26

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New Delhi (India), 27th May 2023: Starting next month, YouTube will discontinue Stories, a feature for short-term posts. Users will be unable to submit YouTube Stories beginning June 26th, according to the Google-owned video streaming behemoth. The company intends to concentrate on other critical areas such as Shorts, Community posts, live videos, and so on.

YouTube said in a blog post on Thursday, “Starting on June 26, 2023 the option to create a new YouTube Story will no longer be available. Stories that are already live on that date will expire seven days after they were originally shared.”

Furthermore, the business stated that the shutdown will be communicated to Creators through a variety of channels, including forum posts, in-app messaging, reminders in YouTube Studio, and more.

While Stories are being phased out, Google-owned YouTube indicated that “community posts and YouTube Shorts are great alternatives that can deliver valuable audience connections and conversations.”

According to the firm, YouTube Community posts might be a wonderful choice for artists who want to give lightweight updates, create dialogues, or promote their YouTube content to their audience.

Furthermore, the business stated that YouTube Shorts is the way to go if users want to create short video content or reach a new audience, as Shorts drive many times more subscribers than Stories among artists who utilise both Shorts and Stories.

Meanwhile, Google has emphasised that it will not delete accounts containing YouTube videos, despite previously stating that it would remove personal accounts and their content if they had not been used or signed in for at least two years.

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