An Hour of rain washes away Noida’s smart city dream!


Ashish Kedia

Noida is claimed to be one of North India’s most high tech city. Presence of large number of industries, educational institutes as well as city’s proximity to National capital has given it a strategic place on Indian map. Yet, the glorified reality of Noida becomes sternly clear as soon as lord of rain decides to bless the city for some time.

Water logging is one of the most persistent problems of Noida city. A city that should ideally be having a functional rain harvesting system actually seems to preserve all its rain-water right on the roads.

Rain water immersed roads become a common sight in Noida even after small duration of rain.

Noida authority has few weeks back started the slit removal process from its major drains. However due to red tape and tender formalities it has yielded results which can be best summarised as too little too late. The amount of budget that was spent on cleaning of drains in the city was approximately 5 crore rupees this year.

Instead of feeling relieved from the heat, citizens actually face wrath of inadequate preparations after the showers. Many busy roads lack a suitable water drainage system. Clogging of drains also remains another major issue that doesn’t allows large amount of water to exit smoothly from the roads.

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