BIMTECH Organizes TEDx on the Theme “Rest Of The Iceberg”. #TEDxBIMTECH


Adding yet another feather to its cap, BIMTECH independently organized its second version of TEDx on 5th August, 2017. The theme for the event was         “Rest of the Iceberg” which was graced by a group of reputed, well known and inspiring voices of the sub-continent.

The event was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamps by social activists Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte along with Dr. Anupam Verma, Deputy Director, BIMTECH, Prof. K M Chari, Dean and Dr. Abha Rishi, Chairperson, CIED and the Curator of the event.

Dr. Prakash Amte, a well-known Magsaysay Awardee and social activist who has worked extensively for the upliftment of the tribals in the Hemalkasa area of Maharashtra flagged off the event. He shared how he and his wife have worked in the field of rendering medical facilities to the socially segregated, underprivileged, outcast, poor and uneducated strata of the society. It showcased his struggle to bridge the gap between the Tribal and the civilized segments. His talk inspired everyone to see the rest of the iceberg and inspired the masses to engage themselves in such philanthropic pursuits.

The next speaker was Saurabh Kochar, the CEO of Food Panda who shared how he has braved his share of failures in life and yet emerged out as a winner. He narrated some of his life events and the audience felt connected as his talk was entertaining yet stirring.

It was followed by a talk by an Iron lady who had literally seen the rest of the iceberg- Ms. Meher Heroyce Moos, the first Indian woman to visit Antarctica. She shared how for more than five decades, she has been on an endless adventure across the world, travelling far and wide in a quest to quench her wanderlust. She also talked about her experiences when she visited Africa and stressed on the point that we attract what we expect and it’s time we stop being scared about travelling alone and explore our inner self in the process.

The next speaker was Sankalp Kohli, who is an entrepreneurial soul full of passion. Apart from being a perfectionist, hebelieves in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and productive. He shared his life’s 3 mantras:  Face your fears, Make every opportunity count and Deal with the unexpected.

To add a zingy dash of fun and energy, it was RJ Divya who hit the stage next, striking the right notes with the audience. While narrating the story of her life, we got to see an emotional side of the otherwise chirpy RJ. She expressed how the word RADIO meant ‘Realize, Act, and Dedication, I-don’t-give-up and Oh-my-God moments’ for her.

It was followed by Dr. Sushant Khurana, who being a scientist by profession is immensely passionate about Art. He shared how Art has the power of healing and taking control when one feels isolated. He said “Art triggers internal reward pathways. Face your own hidden iceberg through art, and you can conquer anything”. Aptly said, he left a deep impact with those words.

The last but not the least was Revant Himatsingka, who was the youngest amongst all the speakers. He swore by the golden rule that one has to try and find motivation, rather than wait for the motivation. He shared how in today’s time people are demotivated by the complexities of their lives and how by means of his book wanted to bring about a change in the thought process of the youth of this country.

To top it off the event was packed with energetic performances by the Bimtechians making it more engaging. The combined effort of all the people involved in organizing this event paid off as this edition of TEDx was a success.

TEDxBIMTECH-2017 ended on a high with the promise of a grander version in the form of TEDxBIMTECH-2018.

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