Gautam Buddh Nagar DM BN Singh Fiercely advocates Municipal Body in Noida, Terms it constitutional right!



DM BN Singh while addressing NGY Conclave at Radisson, Noida on Friday touched upon various issues gripping the district of Gautam Buddha Nagar and also elaborated upon the measures that GB Nagar administration is adopting to deal with them.

On one of the major issue that has been gripping authority and stalling development work he said, “It is not like farmers protest because they do not prefer development. Farmers of the district also want their solution in appositive way. The only thing they want is a reasonable and dignified solution. Hence I say to concerned authorities that you have to take into account the concern and well being of all the stake holders”.

DM BN Singh fiercely advocated need of a Municipal Division in the city and said, “On papers the district population is said to be around 18 lakh but the actual population is much more. The capital expansion of the city has already been done and there is need to maintain it. Hence I propose that there must be a separate municipal corporation and it should be on the lines of NDMC”.


He also elaborated upon as to why it is important as part of democracy and constitutional framework to have a Municipal body in noida,  “Noida is the face of UP and if Noida is ill maintained UP will be represented badly. Every city must have a constitutional right, the right to be represented. People should be represented in the process of development, how long can we deny it? I can take best decision, I can only take good decision when people come and provide inputs”.

He also advocated that municipal body must be financially self sustainable and bylaws needs to  be framed for the same. He said, “ There has to be a legal framework. We do not have any rules about how to regulate municipal duties and it must be in place. Similarly there is requirement of financial framework. Municipality needs to be self sustainable, even if hard decisions need to be taken for it, there should be no qualms”.





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