#IncredibleIndia : This Police Station of UP is literally governed by Lord himself!


Ashish Kedia

(28/07/2017) : India is a magical country of billions which never seizes to surprise. The country has wide spread diversity and there is always something more to discover in its mystique aura.

You will be amazed to know that India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh houses a functional police station which literally is governed by God himself.

We are talking about Vishwesharganj Police station of India’s holy city Varanasi that has Lord Kaal Bhairav presiding on the chair of Station In-charge. The tradition is so deep rooted that no matter who becomes the SHO of this famed police station, no one dares to sit on the chair designated for the top official, which by default caters to an Image of Lord Kal Bhairav.

The Lord Protector of City:

This police station is just behind the famous Kal Bhairav Temple of Varanasi. Lord Kal Bhairav is referred as “Kotwal of Kashi” and it is a tradition for all senior officials coming to Varanasi to bow at his adobe before joining the official position in the city. For believers of the Hindu religion and mythology, Kal Bhairav is the ultimate protector. In the case of Kal Bhairav, the deity is the mythical protector or law enforcer of Varanasi.


In Vishwesharganj Police station the government designated Station Officer sits on a side chair and performs his duties with the blessing of the lord. The constables who have been stationed in this same station for many years claim that in their life times they haven’t seen anyone occupying the main chair in this station.

Present In-charge Rajesh Singh also says that this is a long going tradition and he has no intention of breaking away from it.

So it may be Kerela that takes proud in calling itself as ‘God’s own country’ but God’s own Police Station is certainly in Uttar Pradesh.

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