Mr Kabaadi Movie Star-Cast and Producer interacts with Ten News


Lokesh Goswami | Jibran Nazir

With Om Puri, the vetern actor who died at 66 last appearance in a movie, as a stellar role, Mr Kabaadi is all set for release on August 4th. The movie is written and directed by Late Om Puri’s first wife Seema Kapoor.

Describing the film, it’s producer Anup Jalota said, “This movie is a comedic satire that also gives out a subtle  picture about the divide between social classes in the society.”


This movie is about a Kabaadi ‘a scrap-collector-turned-millionare who tries to fit himself in the higher societal class after gaining money. The movie feature bollywood debutante Kashish Vohra.

“I couldn’t have got a better chance than this to start my career with. I am so greatful that I have done my first movie with such an exemplary stars.”

Veteran actor, Om Puri’s – who passed away early this year, on January 6 – last appearance on the screen.

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