Respect and love pours in as Noida Authority’s blue eyed officer Saumya Srivastava bids adieu to the city!


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Noida Authroity’s Deputy Chief Executing Officer Saumya Srivastava was today relieved from his role in the city’s development authority. He was transferred during a routine reshuffle of administrative officials notified on may 28th. He will now be taking charge as ADM of Lucknow Trans Gomti region.

As soon as news of his formal departure from the city reached people, respect and love poured in from all sections of people. DCEO Saumya Srivastava is well known in Noida for promptly resolving public grievances and working tirelessly for the betterment of the city. His exemplary connect to citizens and concern for their issues had earned him immense love and affection from the people of the city. During his tenure as Noida Authority DCEO he rapidly rose up to peoples expectations and led by example.

A Tech Friendly Bureaucrat :

DCEO Saumya Srivastava was highly active on Ten News whatsapp group. He would reads people’s complaints and grievances over the portal and would resolve it in real time.

The watsapp group which also has presence of many senior officials of District Administration including DM, SSP, ACEO, MLA, MP as well as heads of many departments and is used as a platform to connect with different RWA’s and citizens of city, witnessed extreme pro activeness of DCEO Saumya Srivastava. People are now worried over who would listen to their public grievances issues after the transfer of their most beloved officer.

Different RWA office bearers and citizens from all walks of life now expect that CEO Amit Mohan Prasad will now appoint some other concerned officer to keep this innovative initiative of Public-Administration interaction as useful as ever. A request in this regard has also been conveyed to the CEO by the admin.

In August 2016 former Chairman Pravesh Kumar had for the first time instructed to take action on public grievances being posted in the group. Later Additional CEO P K Aggarwal clarified that DCEO was made the nodal officer to take note and follow up actions on the issues being raised on this platform. DCEO Saumya Srivastava executed these responsibilities with utmost precision.

A void hard to be filled :

As of testimony of his excellent work, people have been expressing their heartfelt gratitude towards him. Software engineer from Noida Amit said, “Words are less to express our feeling for you ,apart from very good officer it’s rare to find a person like u , always smiling n eager to help others .I don’t think any one will be able to replace you ,from our heart .Wish you best of luck and eagerly waiting of good news about your work from Lucknow.Also hope one day you will be back here ,with us and for us .”


Renu Bala Sharma, Secretary, KKRWA said, “DCEO Sir was always available to resolve problems of Noida residents with prompt, decisive and caring style of work. He has shown that theoretical principles of governance can actually be practiced to benefit the public with swift response and actions. We will surely miss a prompt, selfless, caring and affable officer like him”.

Cyber expert Anuj Agarwal said, “Saumya Srivastava demonstrated a wonderful work culture and has set an example. I am sure others will learn from him and we will have more public service officers following his path”.

Kiran Mohan Kapur said,”He was most deservingly the blue eyed officer of NA for Noidaites and city will certainly be missing him on day to day basis”

Social worker and congress leader Pawan Yadav said, “It is impossible to find a more humble and hardworking officer of this stature. He was always available for any and all public grievance issues and would resolve it with unheard promptness. I am little concerned about adverse impact that his leaving the city might have. However I wish that whosoever takes charge from him also inherits same spirit of work and concern’.

FONRWA President N P Singh said,”There are not many officers who can win people’s heart and earn so much respect from all citizens of the city. We will request the CM to promote him as ACEO and repost him in Noida authority”.


Editors Note :

On behalf of our whole group we wish him all the best for a very bright future, we are sure he will rise and shine wherever he goes.

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