People protest at Lal Quila against Modi government over Dalmia Group Adoption row!

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New Delhi: A government plan to involve private companies to maintain India’s best-known monuments has landed the central government at the centre of a huge controversy over news that Dalmia Bharat Group had “adopted” the iconic Red Fort.

The opposition accused the government of trying to commercialise everything, wondered why the government could not spare Rs 5 crore every year on the monument that the company had agreed to spend over the next five years. Some historians also joined in.

Where The Congress party came on Twitter to accuse the government of privatising monuments of national importance. “Prime Minister Narendramodi is preparing to mortgage India’s symbol of Independence, the Red Fort to corporates. Does Modiji or BJP even understand the importance of Lal Quila?” Said Randeep Singh Sujewala, Congress chief spokesperson.

On Wednesday, People gathered at Lal Quila Chowk and slammed Modi Government for ‘Handing Over’ Red Fort to Dalmia Group and protested in a unique way by Collecting donation from local people at Lal Quila Chowk.

Speaking to Ten News, Protesters Said,

“Dalmia has adopted Our Lal Quila? Our heritage is adopted by a private group. Our govt is now not capable in conserving our national pride.Corporates can manage heritage sites, but should not be allowed to attach their name along with the name of the heritage monument. Red Fort should be Red Fort or Lal Quila and not Bharat Dalmia Red Fort”.

Slamming Modi Government, Protesters said, “Why can’t the government even take care of our historic Lal Quila? Red Fort is a symbol of our nation. It is where India’s flag is hoisted on Independence Day. Why should it be leased out? We are here collecting donation in order to save our heritage, So that no private company can adopt it.”

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