4 Exclusive Skills you need to Hone to Master Indian Rummy.

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By Diksha Gupta


In the recent years, rummy’s popularity seems perched on a solid growth trajectory. It is sweeping the online gaming space with its growing number of rummy players. The game in itself, the favourable gaming options and the ease of playing at one’s convenience are the major contributors to the growth of the game.

Rummy is undoubtedly a game of skill. And with theonline rummy format, the skill factor has been reinforced further taking the game to a whole new level of entertainment and challenge. Inarguably, Indian rummy requires certain skills to gain expertise over the game. However, regular practice tohelp the player to gain these skills and eventually mastery over the game.

Apart from exceptional mental and analytical skills, there are certain exclusive skills to be honed to reach the success pinnacle of the game. Here, we bring you 4such skills to help you gain mastery over rummy.

Skill #1: Being flexible

Rummy is a game that throws surprises at you. It is best advised to expect the unexpected while playing rummy. Nevertheless, instead of being baffled by those surprises try to adopt flexibility in your game with skills such as alertness, quick but well-planned moves and composure. While you play classic Indian rummy online, the cards at hand may appear unfavorable for themelding of your choice. But a calm and flexible approach to the situation would help you explore many unnoticed options making it easier for you to melds cards.

Skill #2: Sense of time

When you play Indian rummy online it is time-based. You are expected to make your moves within the stipulated time. The limited time creates a sense of urgency – an urgency to pick or discard card within the given time. This calls for skills like quick analysis and quick decision-making abilities. In fact, it is the ticking time which gives you an adrenaline rush to be swift with your moves and decisions in the game.

Skill #3:  Change playing style

Each player has his/ her unique style of playing. But in Indian rummy, it has to be a continuous process of changing and reinventing your style of playing. Always keep changing your style of playing in order to bring in freshness and a new perceptive to the game. Also, by changing your style you keep your opponents wondering about your next move.


Skill #4: Get the edge playing with different players

Perhaps one of the best features of online rummy is you can play with any player from any corner of the world. In classic Indian Rummy that you play off theline, you are very well aware of your opponent, his/ her psyche and perhaps how you could surpass him/ her to register your win. But in online rummy, the challenge becomes even more intricate as you do not know your opponent. The more you play with different players your skills on how to play rummy will get better.

Make the transition from skills to success

Indian rummy is a fabulous game that truly benefits you when you practice and play regularly. So hone your skillsand play with the right attitude. Success is sure to come by to compensate for your improved skills.


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