5-day FDP on Additive Manufacturing concluded at Galgotias University

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A comprehensive 5-day Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Additive Manufacturing from May 13 to 17, 2024 was concluded today by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Galgotias University. Sponsored by Adroitek Information Systems Private Limited, the event aimed to understand the complexities of Additive Manufacturing (AM), discuss its potential and address the current challenges faced by it. The event was organized by Prof. K. Mallikarjuna Babu, Vice Chancellor; under the patronage of Prof. Awadhesh Kumar, Pro-Vice Chancellor.

The five-day FDP event had the dignified presence of Dr. PM Pandey, Professor, IIT Delhi as the Chief Guest. Professor (Dr.) PM Pandey spoke on “Additive Manufacturing: Fundamentals and Advances”, explaing the need and challenges of different 3D printing machines, next-generation additive manufacturing, biocompatibility of 3D printed artificial implants on the cell system of the human body and process of developing biodegradable metal implants for orthopedic applications.

Dr. J. Ramkumar, an expert speaker at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), spoke on “Hybrid Additive Metal Manufacturing Process” highlighting the key points of the Market of additive manufacturing for metals, polymers and ceramics; Myths of additive manufacturing as well as challenges involved in the process cycle of metal additive manufacturing, Integration of various additive manufacturing technologies to produce a product and future prospects in hybrid manufacturing.

Overall, the sessions were interactive and led to fruitful discussions between speakers and participants offline as well as online.

The topic “Additive Manufacturing: Potential and Challenges” began with a session by Prahul S. Mullick, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (IIT Roorkee). Mullick discussed the principle of TIG-based wire additive manufacturing of components and methods involved in analyzing the microstructure and mechanical behavior of wire additive-manufactured components.

Prof. Roger Narayan from the University of North Carolina, USA and Dr. J Ramkumar spoke on “Additive Manufacturing Applications in Medical Field”. The key points of this session were:
* Development of Bioprinting
* Technologies involved in the creation of novel nanostructures with biologically relevant properties
* Development of microneedle array-based biosensors.

Overall, all the five-day sessions were highly engaging and very crucial. The brilliant coordination of this program was done by Prof. Srikanth Vidya, Assistant Professor, DOME, Prof. Abhilash Purohit, Assistant Professor, DOME, and Prof. Nav Ran, Assistant Professor, DOME.

Dr. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias University conveyed his best wishes to all the members of the coordinating committee for the successful completion of the program and said that the Faculty Development Program on Additive Manufacturing reflects Galgotias University’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation in engineering education. This program will play an important role in making participants aware of the latest developments in AM and motivating them to make their significant contribution to the field of research and education in this area.

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