7 Branded Watches for Girls That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket


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Are you thinking of a gift to surprise your daughter on her birthday? A beautifully crafted watch will be a fantastic gift to give. There are plenty of branded watches for girls in the market at pocket-friendly prices. No matter what her personal style or aesthetic might be, we are sure that there is a brand out there that has the perfect watch to match. And yes, we haven’t forgotten about how confusing it can get.

To help you out, we have created a list of the best branded watches for girls that won’t burn
a hole in your pockets.

Metal Strap Silver Watch

What an elegant watch, isn’t it? The dual rim of black and silver gives the circular dial an amazing touch. Moreover, this brass metal strap watch is water resistant. Such slim branded watches for girls are a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is a great fashionable wrist accessory to wear with an ethnic dress. In addition, the look of the watch makes it double up as a bracelet, which is why its the perfect gift.

Animal Print Strap Watch

How amazing does this watch look with an animal print strap attached to its circular analogue dial? The all-time classic colour combination of black and white gives it a zebra print effect. Its clasp locking mechanism keeps the watch steady on the wrist. They have a sleek appearance even though such branded watches for girls are made from stainless steel. It will turn out to be a fabulous surprise gift for your daughter.

Silver-Dial Slim Watch

What a stunning colour combination this slim watch has! The tiny hint of sea green colour rim on a silver watch crafts an astonishing piece of wrist jewellery. Its circular dial has a plain silver design with three hands to show time. In addition, it has a three-piece slider clasp lock that makes such branded watches for girls unique. This wrist accessory is a top-notch gift for your daughter’s birthday.

Metal-Strap Ruffle Watch

What a fantastic ruffle rose gold watch this is! It has a classic round-shaped and depth effect dial with contrasting pink colour on the inside. Its dial has an analogue function with a date display. The metallic strap of the watch with buckle lock gives it the look of a bracelet. The luxurious appearance of such branded watches for girls makes them exquisite gifts for your favourite ladies.

Leather-Strap Purple Watch

This an all-time classic leather strap watch to give as a gift on your daughter’s birthday. This purple leather strap watch comes with a round-shaped dial. The thick silver rims on the dial give the watch a luxurious touch. The lighter lavender colour of the dial provides the watch with an aesthetically amazing look.

Classic Rose Gold Watch

Rose gold colour can make any piece of wearable appear luxurious. It will surely bring an elegant touch to her outfits. This timeless piece of wrist accessory comes with a mineral glass-protected dial and a single arm to show time and date. In addition, the rose gold colour of the dial blends in perfectly with the overall appearance of the watch to give the watch a monochromatic look. Since, it is made by recycled material, it makes it even more interesting gift.

Leather-Strap Pink Watch

The pink colour can make any piece of wearable appear elegant. Such branded watches for girls are one of the most precious gifts of all time. The stunning leather strap attached has a traditional lock mechanism. Given the analog watch’s basic design, the contrasting pink and rose gold colours make it pitch-perfect.

Final Takeaway

Finding branded watches for girls that are affordable yet stylish can be a challenge. Although, with a bit of research, one can find beautiful time-telling wrist accessories. The seven watches discussed above have budget-friendly prices and the most lovable looks.

Brands like Sonata, Fastrack, Titan and many more are famous for their branded watches for girls. Whether you’re looking for a watch for everyday wear or a special occasion watch to gift, there is one for everyone. So, go ahead and pick your favourite one today.

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