7th Asiad Literature Festival Revisits Gandhian Ideology

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New Delhi, March 17, 2018: Today the national capital witnessed a stupendous evening with the great event of 7th Asiad Literature Festival at India International Centre which was an ode to Mahatma Gandhi and his teachings of Interfaith & Peace. Other noble objectives of this festival were to celebrate the Centenary year of Champaran and Sabarmati and to promote Indian literature and Literati. The fest started with lamp lighting by the Convener Sri Ravindra Bhandari along with Politician Pinky Anand, Music Director Anand Raj Anand,   and Padmashree Dr Mohsin Wali and was followed by the crowning ceremony of Brand Ambassador and Miss Teen Universe 2017, Shristi Kaur.

The fest had Pinky Anand (Additional solicitor of India) as Chief Guest of 1st session, Politician Roopa Ganguly as Chief Guest in the 2nd session. Many eminent names from the Journalism and bureaucracy world attended the event along with some extremely talented entrepreneurs of the city from various sections and sectors.

The highlights of the fest included the award ceremony to appreciate the works of some great minds from the Literature world and from the entrepreneurship community and the exhibition on works of Gandhi by Kanwal Singh Chaudhary. There were several panel discussions on various topics like Belief in Interfaith, Poetry & Literature, Is India a friendly country, World’s view on India, I am Khadi (Local to Global) and Women in Power with eminent panelist including Pinky Anand, Dr. Aditya Arya, Dr. Babli Praveen, Ashok Kesang Wangdi, Muni Jayant Kumar, SN Sahu, Dr. Meenaa Mahaajjan, PK Mishra, Kaushal Kishore, Ajay Sharma, Sumaira Khan, Amit Kanujia and many more.

Briefing the audience and the dignitaries about the event, the convener Ravindra Bhandari said, “At a time when hate and atrocities are peaking up in the nation, this fest is an initiative to remind all of the Gandhian views and make it relevant in the present times to ensure a sound and fruitful future for all. The event also aims at highlighting the good of the Indian Literature and encourages the good done by some of the very talented and hard-working entrepreneurs, especially the women.”

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