850 happy farmers join Akshayakalpa Organic in 2022

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Mumbai, 9th January 2023: Akshayakalpa Organic, India’s first certified organic dairy manufacturer has added 450 farmers to their existing cluster of 400 farmers in the year 2022. It has been a humble journey for Akshayakalpa since 2010 with the twin objectives of providing nutritious milk and other dairy products to consumers that are produced by financially successful and independent farmer-entrepreneurs in rural India.

This year has been momentous for the brand, as it has diversified from dairy organic products and has started procuring non-dairy products including country eggs and bananas from farmers. Additionally, the brand has also started with the process of collecting organic honey, tender coconut and are adding moringa to the portfolio depending on the consumers’ demand towards organic food. The brand has encouraged rural farmers to have backyard poultries and this ongoing initiative has made the women farmers more independent and self-reliant. There are around 80 women with backyard poultry and 40 banana growers spread across the villages in Tiptur, Karnataka who have been associated with the brand.

Mr. Shashi Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, Akshayakalpa Organic commented, “It gives me immense joy and pleasure to witness this increased transition towards organic produce both by consumers and farmers. Today, many farmers are willing to make the required changes to make their product more organic. In 2022, the organic movement has seen momentum in the utmost true sense, with all stakeholders realizing the merit of what players like us are doing. By following the Akshayakalpa model the farmers are witnessing an increase in the milk production and overall, we have also witnessed 10% increase in milk production as compared to 2021. Now we are working with 850 farmers in Tiptur and have also associated with 300 farmers in Pooriyampakkam, Tamilnadu. Overall, we would like to increase our production by about 5000 liters monthly so that we can reach out to our 100,000 consumers over a period of next 12 months. Additionally, we are also taking steps to produce and market non-dairy organic products, making it a one stop destination for all your organic food need.”

Today Akshayakalpa is not only the largest organic milk producer in the country, but has also created new benchmarks for sustainable farm practices that helps produce milk and milk products that are free from antibiotics, synthetic additives and chemical pesticide residue. After more than a decade since delivering its first packet of raw milk collected from three farmers in 2010, Akshayakalpa Organic has grown into a 700-member plus team of dedicated women and men from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural background ensuring we move ahead as one mission that justifies the name Akshayakalpa or ‘Infinite Possibilities’.

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