#Aadhaar card : 10 important uses

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By Sunita Mali , TNN

1 Passport in 10 days

2 Opening new bank account

3 Digital life certificate

The system is called “Jeevan Praman for Pensioners”. It should end the process whereby a pensioner has to be physically present to avail pension. Details of pensioner will be accessed digitally by the agency using Aadhaar.


Aadhaar has made the move from being a mere identity proof to being accepted as proof of address to invest in the stock market.

5.Monthly pension


6 Provident fund

7 Digital locker

Digital locker is a system where an individual can store personal documents on the government’s server. Sign-in requires linking the Aadhaar number.

8 Aadhaar-based direct benefit transfer (LPG subsidy)

9 Voter card linking

10 Jan Dhan Yojana

This scheme accepts Aadhaar number as the sole document required to open a bank account.

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