AAP targets BJP after 9 cases of murder reported in the city in just 24 hours

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New Delhi, (23/6/2019): In the past 24 hours the Delhi Police have registered 9 murder cases from different parts of the national capital. Despite being the national capital, Delhi is the most unsafe city for women. Three instances in which 9 people were reportedly murdered in different parts of Delhi shocked the people.

Today, senior AAP leader Atishi Marlena conducted a press conference in the party office regarding the deteriorating law and order in Delhi. Giving reference of the 9 murders which took place in last 24 hours, she said,

“The incidents taking place in Delhi are an alarming sign of the decreasing law and order situation in the capital. Earlier, Delhi used to be an unsafe city on roads but now with the lack of seriousness among the responsible authorities it has become an unsafe city inside the homes also. The report shows that in last 30 days 220 gunshots are registered in Delhi”.

She further said, The MP’s at local level are answerable as they are the head of district level police committee. The Delhi Police report to the LG. And the apex body who is answerable is the Ministry of Home Affairs. All the bodies are now under BJP. We want to ask the Bharatiya Janata Party about their plans to maintain law and order in the city. We want to ask them what will be the role of the 3 above mentioned authorities in making Delhi a safer city”.

“The Aam Aadmi Party give 24 hours to BJP to answer our questions and take steps to reduce the crime menace in the city”.

Yesterday, A tutor in Delhi’s Mehrauli area was arrested on Saturday for killing his wife and three children. According to police, the accused has been identified as Upendra Shukla. An officer said that Shukla used a kitchen knife to stab his wife, a seven-year-old daughter, a five-year-old son and a two-month-old daughter.

In other instance yesterday, a couple was found dead in their home in Delhi’s Dwarka. Today, an elderly couple along with their domestic help was found murdered with their throats slit in their home in Vasant Enclave in New Delhi.

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