Abhishek Duhan: Always knew I wanted to be a movie actor

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Mumbai, Jan 18 (IANS) Actor Abhishek Duhan, who is known for his work in ‘Mandali’, ‘Pataakha’, ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’, ‘Sultan’, etc, shared how he didn’t had to face any confusion while deciding on his career, and was always very sure that he wanted to become an actor.

“I didn’t face any confusion while deciding on my career. I always knew I wanted to be a movie actor. It has been my dream since childhood, and I never had any doubts,” shared Abhishek.

Talking about how his parents reacted to his decision of becoming an actor, Abhishek said: “Deciding to be a movie actor was challenging for my parents, unfamiliar with the industry. Moving to a new city added another layer of difficulty, especially for them. Though I found it exciting, there were tough times in Bombay. Yet, keeping it in my heart made it easier over time. The key is persistence, and things eventually fall into place.”

The ‘Dhahanam’ actor shared that he didn’t perceive any struggles, and enjoyed the journey.

“Financially, my family supported me, and friends pitched in when needed. Emotionally, family and friends were pillars of support. Never indecisive, I found guidance from teachers like Nadira Zahid Babbar ji and Darpan Mishra,” he added.



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