Adani Electricity unveils India’s First Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Feb 13 (IANS) The Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd has launched the country’s first state-of-the-art Advanced Distribution Management System to fix power supply glitches within a short time for its 31.50 lakh consumers, officials said here.

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) — which can locate a power disruption within seconds in its entire jurisdiction before it can lead to a large power outage — has come up at Powai.

The NOC can also predict and prevent power outages to help quick remedial actions, and help balance the flow of power across the entire network which can reduce the amount of energy that is lost and potentially reduce electricity bills.

The ADMS-power NOC collects data from a network of sensors, which is then analysed in realtime to give a complete picture of the city’s electricity infrastructure, and helps pinpoint and address problems even before they become significant issues for the customers and complaints pour in.

The ADMS will help identify the precise location of the fault that arises between two customer sub-stations (CSS) — equipment generally found in housing complexes that ‘steps down’ electricity voltage before supplying to the users in the vicinity.

There are 7,100 CSS’ in the Adani Electricity’s jurisdiction in Mumbai, and the new system will prove particularly beneficial in the coming summer months when there are frequent power issues which would henceforth be resolved quickly within 15-20 minutes instead of the average 34 minutes now.

Adani Electricity consumers will enjoy uninterrupted power supply for essential tasks and leisure with few power cuts, shorter duration of outages with quicker restoration times owing to ADMS’ intelligent insights, improved power quality with consistent voltage and frequency to ensure seamless operation of all devices and appliances, and enhanced service excellence.

“The launch of the NOC with India’s first ADMS marks a major highlight for Mumbai’s power landscape. We are making the city power network more reliable and efficient. By using advanced technology, the power network can predict and fix problems faster, improve the flow of electricity, and contribute to a greener future. This will make the city brighter and more resilient,” said Adani Electricity’s Managing Director, Kandarp Patel.

Aspen Tech’s spokesperson, M.V. Rudresha said the company is proud to partner with Adani Electricity to enhance Mumbai’s distribution system through its OSI monarch software platform, and as a partner to Adani Group, they digitally transform them by optimizing the assets to run faster, longer, safer and greener.

The ADMS platform is not only relevant for today, but is future ready as well by creating an ecosystem for analytics-based monitoring and maintenance practices in the interest of Adani Electricity’s customers.

The system will enable Adani Electricity to enhance the services being provided to 31.5 lakh Mumbaikars through advanced situational awareness and quick response to the events in the network.



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