Afghan plane crash: Not Indian scheduled aircraft or charter, says aviation ministry

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New Delhi, Jan 21 (IANS) The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Sunday said that the unfortunate plane crash that occurred in Afghanistan is neither an Indian Scheduled Aircraft nor a Non Scheduled (NSOP)/Charter aircraft.

“It is a Moroccan registered small aircraft. Officials are keeping watch on the incident and more details are awaited,” said a senior MoCA official.

According to Afghan media, a plane bound for Moscow crashed in the Wakhan region of Badakhshan in Afghanistan.

The head of information and culture for the Taliban in Badakhshan has confirmed the incident, revealing that the passenger plane went down in the Topkhane Mountain, spanning across the Kuran-Manjan and Zibak districts within the province.

As of the current moment, official sources have not disclosed information regarding casualties or the cause of the crash.

The Taliban’s police command in Badakhshan has reported that the plane, which disappeared from radar the night before, crashed in the elevated mountains of the Topkhana area.

Afghan’s AMU TV stated that this region covers the Zibak and Kuran-Munjan districts of the province.



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