After four phases of election,some people have been been defeated: PM Modi

Prerit Chauhan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Prime Minister addressing rally in Muzaffarpur on Tuesday said that,
After the first 4 phases of elections the opposition has already lost. The upcoming phases will decide the margin of defeat for them.

“After the elections in four phases, some people are disturbed. Now, you have to decide how big their defeat will be and how epic our victory will be. Those who had changed the identity of Bihar, are not fighting to form their government at the Centre, but to increase the number of their candidates. Increasing their strength means bringing back the days of loot, corruption, kidnapping,” he said.

Taking on the RJD, PM Modi said,

“Increasing their strength means kidnapping of daughters, vandalism, murders, corruption in every scheme. To increase their strength means to be imprisoned in their own home after sunset, to be choked and to be forced to flee. They want to prove their self-interest by dividing Bihar on the basis of caste, society. They want to hide the corruption done by them. Their goal is to make weak government in Delhi so that they can do whatever they want.”

“They will have to pay back every penny they looted from the poor. Like we brought Christian Michel, others involved in corruption would be brought back too. It is important to understand the minds of this Mahamilawatis,” added PM Modi.

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