AI will be at the forefront of smartphone tech transformation: Industry

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New Delhi, Jan 3 (IANS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) will significantly transform the IT and technology sector, including upcoming smartphones, in India and will play a crucial role in enhancing battery life, improving camera quality and boosting voice assistant capabilities in future devices, industry leaders and experts said on Wednesday.

Madhav Sheth, CEO of homegrown company HonorTech, said that the smartphone industry is evolving at a rapid pace, and AI is at the forefront of this transformation.

“The strategic use of AI is aimed at making future smartphones more robust, versatile, and user-friendly,” he told IANS.

HONOR has integrated AI into the camera system of its innovative HONOR 90, catering specifically to the needs of vloggers. “As vlogging gains more popularity in today’s digital age, more people are creating and sharing video content. With the HONOR 90’s AI Vlog Master, video settings are simplified, as it identifies filming scenes and recommends optimal modes,” Sheth added.

Indians are spending a staggering 2,300 hours annually on their smartphones and till now, consumers have largely adapted to an app-driven world.

“With the rise of AI, smartphones are transforming to intelligent attuned digital companions. In 2024 and beyond, AI will increasingly integrate seamlessly as a personalised layer around smartphone operating systems, contributing to more intuitive user conversations, customised imaging, tailored content, content recommendations, and much more,” Prabhu Ram who heads the Industry Intelligence Group (IIG) at CyberMedia Research (CMR), told IANS.

While smartphone apps will remain dominant for now, features such as facial recognition and voice-activated assistants posit to potential alternative interfaces on the horizon.

“All said, this seismic shift in smartphones raises privacy concerns. Local data processing could be a potential solution, but memory constraints may necessitate hybrid approaches. Striking the optimal balance between user experience, personalisation, and privacy will become key in an AI-powered smartphone era,” Ram added.

According to Chocko Valliappa, CEO, Vee Technologies, by harnessing the capabilities of AI, the technology and IT industry can foster a culture of innovation, streamline processes, and unlock new possibilities that may not be achievable through traditional approaches.

“The synergy between human creativity and AI’s analytical prowess has the potential to drive transformative changes and advancements in IT. As the data processing and analysing capabilities of Generative AI technologies accelerate innovation, they will lead to new discoveries and advancements in various fields such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing,” Valliappa informed.

AI-powered tools will augment human capabilities, enabling professionals to focus on more complex and creative tasks in the coming years and smartphones will not lag behind, he added.



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