Akbar an invader who raped women can never be great: Rajasthan Education Minister Madan Dilawar

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Jaipur, Feb 28 (IANS) From organising ‘Surya Namaskar’ in all schools to announcing bulldozer action on educational institutes indulging in malpractices, Rajasthan Education Minister Madan Dilawar is being seen as a man of action in the desert state.

The Education Minister has ordered the setting up of a committee to review the school syllabus to find if facts were being taught to students.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Education Minister Madan Dilawar says that Mughal Emperor Akbar can never be considered ‘great’ as he came as an invader to India and raped women.

Excerpts from the interview:

IANS: BJP is back in Rajasthan and a debate has started on the need to review the school syllabus. What is all this discussion about?

Madan Dilawar: Yes, it is true that we have ordered a committee to review what is being taught to the students, whether the information given in the syllabus is right or not. If these facts are not right, then we will decide how to get them right. Our schools are still teaching ‘Akbar the Great’. However, Akbar was an invader who raped women and organised Meena Bazaars; an invader and rapist can never be great. We are reviewing the historical facts that are being taught in schools.

IANS: But, other school boards across the nation will continue to teach that Akbar was great.

Madan Dilawar: My jurisdiction is Rajasthan only and I can work within my domain. However, as said, our committee will present a report to us and we will definitely forward it to other states if they ask for it.

IANS: There has been a lot of controversy over ‘Surya Namaskar’. Some pleas were filed in court too. Your take on it?

Madan Dilawar: We made a Surya Namaskar world record in schools across the state on Surya Saptami. Now, looking at its success, orders have been given that all schools will practice yoga during the morning assembly session.

In fact 50 per cent madrasas also do Surya Namaskar.

IANS: There was resistance from other communities and some pleas were filed in court too.

Madan Dilawar: It is just an eyewash. Even the Muslim community has no objection to Surya Namaskar. No one called me or wrote to me, 50 per cent madrasas do Surya Namaskar on their own. Some people had filed a plea in the court against it, however, these 10 – 20 people can never represent a whole community.

IANS: A few teachers were suspended in Kota on charges of conversion of a student. Your reaction to this?

Madan Dilawar: We have been getting complaints of conversion. In this school in Kota, we received complaints that the students were forced to read namaz. Also these teachers wrote Islam in front of the caste column even when the girl was a Hindu. This is not acceptable and hence we suspended the teachers.

IANS: Is some list being prepared to review teachers’ conduct in schools?

Madan Dilawar: Yes, we are making a thorough list. If any teacher has been accused of misconduct or rape in the last five years, his property should be identified and bulldozers will be used to demolish it. We will go phase-wise in this direction. No teacher will go to offer namaz or to the temple during school hours. Illegal madrasas should be closed immediately. No teacher will consume tobacco on the school premises.

IANS: Will Valentine’s Day be celebrated as ‘Matra-Pitra divas’?

Madan Dilawar: Yes, the idea was conceptualised by Speaker Vasudev Devnani, who was the education minister in his last term during the earlier BJP government. We will try to implement it from the next session.

IANS: Your take on hijab?

Madan Dilawar: We have never objected to anyone wearing the hijab. However, we have given clear directions that every student should come to school in uniform. However, this time we have revised the order so that everyone remembers that uniform in schools is a must.

IANS: What is your stand on Mahatma Gandhi schools started by the previous Congress government?

Madan Dilawar: The Congress government has insulted Mahatma Gandhi by naming these schools after him and then providing poor facilities for the students. There are no teachers in these schools. Mahatma Gandhi was known for his virtues and values but these schools were unable to teach virtues and values to the students. We are working on lapses and trying to provide full facilities to the students studying there.



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