Akbar was not great at all: Rajasthan Education Minister

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Jaipur, Feb 1 (IANS) Rajasthan Education Minister Madan Dilawar on Thursday said that the Mughal Emperor was not great, alleging that the Emperor also gave the concept of Meena Bazaar who used to pick up women.

“After all the things he (Akbar) has done, how can he be great? Akbar was not great at all,” the minister said.

He also alleged that in some school text books Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh are being referred to as “terrorists”.

“If patriots are taught as terrorists, it will have an adverse effect on our children. Changes will be made to correct these things. All students will have to wear the same uniform now,” the Education Minister said.

He said that the government is not against hijab.

“I have no objection to hijab. In our country, any person can wear any kind of dress but students will be allowed to enter schools only in the prescribed school uniform. But if any student has any objection, he or she can go to some other school, where uniform relaxation is given,” the Education Minister said.

He said that the NCERT syllabus will not be implemented in Rajasthan at present.

“I am not in favor of making changes in the syllabus, but wherever there is any controversial part or misleading information about our ancestors then those parts from the syllabus should be removed,” the Education Minister said.

He said that Valentine’ Day on 14th February will be celebrated as Pitru Puja Day.

“Only 14 days are left. We have to make all the preparations at the earliest,” he said.



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